Press briefings

Press Briefings

Newsworthy updates related to timely public health event...


Images of the etiologic agent responsible for SARS


Images of the etiologic agent responsible for SARS...


CDC's facility for monitoring emergencies

Emergency Center

CDC's facility for monitoring emergencies...


How the PHIL can help PR and communications people...

Involved as they are in disseminating information about public health topics or events, how can media personnel use Public Health Image Library (PHIL) content?

The PHIL collection can be used as a source for:

  • Images of current events
  • Copyright cleared and readily available images for use in copy or on web sites
  • Content to illustrate advertising campaigns, health promotions, etc.

PHIL images are:

  • Available free of charge
  • Print quality
  • Accessible through the Internet to both Macintosh and PC users
  • Copyright cleared (with few exceptions)