Photo series of the Capillus™ HIV-1/HIV-2 testing kit

HIV Rapid Test

Photo series of the Capillus™ HIV-1/HIV-2 testing kit...


Images of early poliomyelitis vaccination

Fighting Polio

Images of early poliomyelitis vaccination...


Proper procedure for extracting blood


Proper procedure for extracting blood...


What health care providers do...

Health care providers are engaged in diagnosing and treating diseases. These occupations include physicians (all specialties), physician assistants, dentists, nurses, veterinarians, and pharmacists, among others.

How the PHIL can help health care providers...

Digital imagery assists health care providers by:

  • Illustrating the effects of disease or supplementing case notes
  • Assisting diagnosis
  • Hospital teaching

PHIL images are:

  • Available free of charge
  • Print quality
  • Accessible through the Internet to both Macintosh and PC users
  • Copyright cleared (with few exceptions)