ID#: 9974
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Magnified 25X, this scanning electron micrographic (SEM) image depicted a dorsal view of an unidentified engorged female tick which had been extracted from the skin of a pet cat while in the process of obtaining its blood meal. Seen here, is the distal half of the tick’s blood-engorged abdomen. Note in PHIL 9959 and 9960, that in the case of another tick specimen, its entire dorsal abdomen was covered by its chitinous scutum, or shield, categorizing it as a male. In this specimen, the scutum only partially covered the dorsal abdomen, which identifies this tick as a female. Ticks belong to the phylum Arthropoda, and the class, Arachnida.
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Content Providers(s): CDC/ Callie Carr
Creation Date: 2006
Photo Credit: Janice Haney Carr
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