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U.S. Public Health Service personnel observe the work process and sample the air of ordnance workers pouring TNT into mortar shells at the Ravenna, Ohio Ordnance Plant. The Ravenna Ordnance Plant manufactured ordnance containing trinitrotoluene (TNT) for the military during World War II. Duncan Holaday, USPHS industrial hygienist, conducts the air sampling with a midget impinger. The USPHS personnel wear Army uniform because they are on the turf of an Army-run facility. The photograph was made during the industrial hygiene and engineering activities conducted by U.S. Public Health Service personnel at the plant in September 1943. Occupational safety and health concerns included preventing dermatitis among the workers and reducing the risk of explosions in the plant. Original caption: “Loading shells with molten TNT. Samples of air are taken to determine the amount of TNT in the breathing zone”.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Barbara Jenkins, NIOSH
Creation Date: 1943
Photo Credit: Frank H. Lukas and Harley E. Walters
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