ID#: 9522
This 1953 photograph was provided by the Center for Disease Control's (CDC), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The image depicted a number of female employees, who were packaging lead arsenate, which is the lead salt, or ester of arsenic acid. Note that all workers were using personal protective equipment (PPE), which included a cap, a face mask, eye protection, and coveralls over their clothing, in order to guard them against workstation contaminants. Workers can be exposed to lead through inhalation of fumes and dusts, as well as through ingestion as a result of lead contaminated hands, food, drinks, cosmetics, tobacco products, and clothing. Furthermore, workers can take lead home on their clothes, skin, hair, tools, and in their vehicles, potentially exposing their families to this element’s harmful health effects.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Barbara Jenkins, NIOSH
Creation Date: 1953
Photo Credit: Unknown
CDC Organization
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