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This was one in a series of ten images, (PHIL 9144-9153), depicting one of LifeSpan® Furnishing's line of chairs, which was designed to make sitting down and rising, safer and easier, and sitting more comfortable and supportive. Here, an elderly man who had been using a walking cane, was sitting down. PHIL 9150 showed this man in the seated position. These chairs combined aesthetics and function, benefiting those who would care for others, by reducing physical exertion and stress needed when assisting others. The user could take advantage of the extended arms for stability when lowering to, or rising from a seated position. Close attention was paid to many small details, including the non-skid rubber feet, and the elimination of pinch points and sharp edges.
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“The Center for Universal Design (CUD) conducts original research to learn what design solutions are appropriate for the widest diversity of users, and what tools are most useful to practitioners wishing to successfully practice universal design.”

Universal Design Principles/Guidelines:

- Make the design appealing to all users

- Facilitate the user's accuracy and precision

- Arrange elements to minimize hazards and errors: most used elements, most accessible; hazardous elements eliminated, isolated, or shielded

- Provide warnings of hazards and errors

- Provide fail safe features

- Discourage unconscious action in tasks that require vigilance

- Allow user to maintain a neutral body position

- Use reasonable operating forces

- Minimize sustained physical effort

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Content Providers(s): CDC/ Richard Duncan, MRP, Sr. Proj. Mngr, North Carolina State University, The Center for Universal Design (CUD)
Creation Date: 1998
Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly, LifeSpan Furnishings, LLC., Principal Designer: Compex International Co., Ltd., Engineering Staff
Links: North Carolina State University - The Center for Universal Design
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