ID#: 9093
This was the sixth in a series of eight images (PHIL 9088–9095) revealing the exhibits inside the U.S. National Building Museum, all of which could be touched by all visitors, including adults, children, and those who were mobility, or visually impaired. Consideration paid to those with such impairments, during the designing of this facility, enhanced the enjoyment experienced from all participants, as well as their overall learning experience. The exhibits were equipped with Braille descriptions, large print signs, and were mounted so that standing, or seated users could both fully appreciate their visit. Here, a mobility challenged woman seated in her wheelchair, was touching an exhibit highlighting a number of architectural elements, i.e., bricks, moldings, etc.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Richard Duncan, MRP, Sr. Proj. Mngr, North Carolina State University, The Center for Universal Design
Creation Date: 1996
Photo Credit: Center for Universal Design
Links: North Carolina State University - The Center for Universal Design
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