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In this 2000 image, as well as PHIL 9084, a father was shown seated in his wheelchair, while playing with his two sons, who were building sand castles in a publicly accessible sandbox. This sandbox, in a universally designed park, facilitated its use by all children, and adults as well, whether standing or sitting. Here, the father, who used a power-assisted wheelchair, had pulled up to the raised sandbox. This way, he was able to play with his children easily because knee space had been created over one cantilevered side of the sandbox. Designing recreation sites with the mobility challenged in mind, makes for an overall more user friendly environment for all, and is quite often made even more efficient from a utilitarian standpoint.
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“The Center for Universal Design (CUD) is a national research, information, and technical assistance center that evaluates, develops, and promotes accessible and universal design in housing, buildings, outdoor and urban settings and related products.”

Universal Design Principles/Guidelines:

- Provide the same means of use for all users: identical whenever possible; equivalent when not

- Avoid segregating or stigmatizing any users

- Make the design appealing to all use

- Provide choice in methods of use

- Allow user to maintain a neutral body position

- Minimize sustained physical effort

- Provide a clear line of sight to important elements for any seated or standing user

- Make reach to all components comfortable for any seated or standing user

- Provide adequate space for the use of assistive devices or personal assistance

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Content Providers(s): CDC/ Richard Duncan, MRP, Sr. Proj. Mngr, North Carolina State University, The Center for Universal Design
Creation Date: 2000
Photo Credit: Center for Universal Design
Links: North Carolina State University - The Center for Universal Design
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