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This historic late 1960s photograph, was captured inside what had been a Nigerian refugee relief camp during the Nigerian-Biafran war. This scenario depicted an anterior view of a young boy, who exhibited a number of crusty cutaneous lesions, which were the result of his yaws infection, caused by the spirochetal bacterium Treponema pertenue. Yaws causes ulcerative skin lesions, and is found in areas where poor sanitation exists. Yaws was prevalent in some of the relief camps set up during the Nigerian-Biafran war. In 1967, the National Communicable Disease Center (NCDC) was asked to assist the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in its disease control and death prevention efforts during the Nigerian-Biafran conflict. A large number of relief camps were established for nutrition assessment, and feeding operations for the local villagers around the war zone.
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