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Caption: This photomicrograph revealed the histopathologic changes detected in a liver biopsy section of a Marburg patient, referred to as Case #1, who became ill in Johannesburg, South Africa, 1975. This image depicted bleeding into the hepatic sinusoids, resulting from the Marburg virus. As with other hemorrhagic fevers, symptoms become increasingly severe, and may include liver failure, among other life threatening symptoms. This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) investigation occurred after two travelers were hospitalized with Marburg disease in Johannesburg. One of the travelers, referred to as Case #1, came into contact with an unknown vector while traveling through Rhodesia, now named Zimbabwe. Case #1 then passed the Marburg virus to his traveling companion, referred to as Case #2, and a treatment nurse, Case #3.
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Content Providers(s): CDC/ Dr. J. Lyle Conrad
Creation Date: 1975
Photo Credit:
CDC Organization
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