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This is a photograph depicting an Aedes aegypti larva (left), and pupa (right) suspended in standing water. Ae. aegypti is also known as the yellow fever mosquito. The larvae feed on a variety of organic matter in the water. Larvae hatch from mosquito eggs, while in the water, and begin to shed their skin, or molt, during this stage. The stages between molts are called instars. As the fourth instar ages, the larva stops feeding, molts, and transforms into a pupa. Larvae develop into pupae in as few as 5-days. The pupa does not feed and is the last stage of the mosquito’s life cycle before adulthood. Pupae develop into adult, flying mosquitoes in 2 to 3-days.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Amy E. Lockwood, MS
Creation Date: 2022
Photo Credit: Lauren Bishop
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