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This 2018 infographic entitled, Flu can Spread Between Pigs and People, illustratively depicted three modalities, by way of which the spread of swine flu between pigs and human beings, may be facilitated. The pathways of dissemination, included spread through direct contact with infected swine, contact with surfaces contaminated by infected swine, or by way of microdroplets introduced into the air by infected swine, which may then be inhaled by human beings. For additional information of the topic of swine flu, please visit the links below.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Douglas Jordan, BBA, MA
Creation Date: 2018
Photo Credit: Dan Higgins
Links: CDC - Information on Swine/Variant Influenza
CDC – Influenza (Flu); Key Facts about Human Infections with Variant Viruses
CDC – Influenza (Flu); Variant Influenza Viruses: Background and CDC Risk Assessment and Reporting
CDC Organization
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