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“What do I have to do to get the blue bracelet?”, she asked me. “Well,” I told her, “you have to first go ask your mom if it’s OK for you to have one.” The young girl waiting in line, ran to our table when she saw that all participants enrolled in a study aimed at the elimination of lymphatic filariasis in Haiti, received a blue identification bracelet, as part of enrollment. After receiving parental consent, she was enrolled in the study, given a blue ID bracelet, and had blood samples taken, before receiving medications against the parasite Wuchereria bancrofti, the causative agent of lymphatic filariasis in Haiti. A very curious and inquisitive girl, she asked after she had been enrolled, and had gone through the line, if she could go again, so she could have a bracelet for her other wrist. I gave her a unicorn sticker instead. This 2016 photograph was captured in the Quartier Morin commune in Haiti, and was entitled, The Blue Bracelet.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ CDC-Connects, Theresa Roebuck
Creation Date: 2016
Photo Credit: Anita D. Sircar
CDC Organization
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