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What do you do if you are in the middle of a remote village that has no electricity, or running water, it’s raining, and you need a dry place with a little light, in order to set up a lab for the night? You use the backseat of the team’s land cruiser, of course. Captured in 2016, in the Quartier Morin commune in Haiti, this photograph, depicted a lab tech, who was in the process of performing a fingerstick on a man in the community, in order to extract a blood sample, to look for the parasite, Wuchereria bancrofti. As the parasite is best detected in the blood at night, lab teams went into the field after 9:30pm, to begin their work. Here, the nurse was standing next to the lab tech with a bag of two different anti-parasitic medications, and a glass of water. Once the blood had been drawn, the nurse would treat the patient on the spot. These activities actually made the team’s Land Cruiser a backseat lab, pharmacy, and nurse’s station!
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ CDC-Connects, Theresa Roebuck
Creation Date: 2016
Photo Credit: Anita D. Sircar
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