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Located in the Quartier Morin commune in Haiti, lab tech Edrens Leon, was starting his work at 9:30pm, when the rest of his team has already gone to bed, whereupon, Edrens went out into the field to take blood samples. He was looking for the parasite, Wuchereria bancrofti, the causative agent of lymphatic filariasis. Because the parasite is most visible in the blood at night, the lab team started their work after dark. There is no electricity in this village, or paved roads. The team used headlamps, and cautionary steps in the muddy terrain, to navigate their way from house to house. In the background, sat a young girl, who was woken from her sleep to have her blood tested. After her blood was drawn and analyzed, a nurse gave her medications to treat her parasitic infection. This team was working, as part of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study, towards the elimination of lymphatic filariasis in Haiti.
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Creation Date: 2016
Photo Credit: Anita D. Sircar
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