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This image was captured during the 2016, Zika outbreak in Puerto Rico, by CDC staffer, Maureen Fonseca-Ford, who described the scene as follows, “While on deployment to Puerto Rico for the Zika response in May 2016, I led a focus group on the island of Vieques, where an unlikely group of low income, low literacy, young pregnant women, were some of the participants. They gave us some of the richest feedback, for improving the Zika communication materials in Puerto Rico. We have been working with the CDC Division of Vector-Borne Diseases (DVBD), and US-Mexico Unit (USMU), on creating effective, field tested materials, and this experience was one of the first times in CDC’s outbreak history, where behavioral science has been included at the outset of the response. This was a joint effort with Puerto Rico’s Department of Public Health.”
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ CDC Connects
Creation Date: 2016
Photo Credit: Maureen Fonseca-Ford
CDC Organization
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