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This image depicted what is known as a fundoscopic view of the retina, or the back of the left eye. Note that the retinal vessels appeared to be emanating from below, within a circular, lighter area known as the optic disc. This was the point where the retinal arterioles, and optic nerve, entered the rear of the eyeball. This image was rotated approximately 90° counterclockwise. The patient displayed a pathologic phenomenon that was associated sickle cell disease (SCD), and included posterior retinal and macular vascular occlusions. Note those arterioles exhibiting an occluded lumen, due to the obstructions produced by the irregularly-shaped, sickle cell shaped red blood cells (RBCs) trapped inside the vessels. Also note, the presence of fibrous deposition within the retinal tissues adjacent to these occluded vessels, as well as the tortuosity of the retinal arterioles.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Lucille H. Young
Creation Date: 1965
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CDC Organization
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