ID#: 20477
This image depicted what is known as a fundoscopic view of the retina, or the back of the right eye. Note that the retinal vessels appeared to be emanating from the upper right, from a circular, lighter area known as the optic disc. This is the point where the retinal arterioles and optic nerve entered the rear of the eyeball. This patient displayed a pathologic phenomenon known as a Roth spot, located very near the center of this image, and appearing as a hemorrhagic ring with a pale center. This condition is said to be caused by immune complex-mediated vasculitis, quite often following a case of bacterial endocarditis. Roth spots have been observed in association with other pathologic conditions including leukemia, diabetes, as well as others.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Lucille H. Young
Creation Date: 1965
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CDC Organization
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