ID#: 19577
This image reveals the presence of a sinus tract, or fistula leading from the exterior of the patient’s head, just behind his left ear, in what is termed the postauricular region, into the cranium in the mastoid region of the temporal bone. Inside the mastoid region of the skull, are what are known as the mastoid air cells, which patently communicate with the middle ear. In this case, a Cochliomyia hominivorax fly laid eggs inside the patients left ear canal, which subsequently hatched, producing larvae, or maggots, that burrowed their way through the tympanic membrane (ear drum), and further on, into the mastoid air cells, causing an abscess to form, which eroded the bone of the skull, and perforated the overlying soft tissues and skin.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Kay Dewitt
Creation Date: 1966
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CDC Organization
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