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These four Beckford-style test tubes, which were constricted near their base, and colored bright red, green, and blue, were part of a R/B Enteric Differential System® test kit, used to isolate, and/or differentiate various enteric bacteria. The R/B Enteric Differential System® “consists of 4 Beckford tubes, 2 basic and 2 expander tubes. The 4 tubes contain agar media, and are constricted to form upper, and lower compartments, which provide 14 biochemical reactions. The tubes are stabbed and streaked, then incubated at 35°C for 24-hours. A color chart of typical tube reactions is provided for identification.” (Credit: U.S. EPA, “Microbiological Methods for Monitoring the Environment : Water and Wastes”, edited by Robert Bordner, John A. Winter, Pasquale Scarpino, Environmental Monitoring and Support Lab., EPA Rept. No. – 600/8-78-017, December, 1978).
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Creation Date: 1977
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