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Containing a growth medium of Sabouraud dextrose agar, this Petri dish culture plate had been inoculated with the dermatophytic fungal organism, Trichophyton violaceum, which had given rise to a highly-wrinkled colony, with a multicolored frontal surface consisting of a deep-purple, depressed central zone, radiating outward towards the periphery as a light-purple, and becoming a light-beige at the colony’s edges.
Additional Information:
Trichophyton violaceum is a dermatophytic fungus. Dermatophytic infections can affect the skin on almost any area of the body, such as the scalp, legs, arms, feet groin, and nails. These infections are usually itchy. Redness, scaling, cracking of the skin, or a ring-shaped rash may occur. If the infection involves the scalp or beard, hair may fall out. Infected nails become discolored, thick, and may possibly crumble. More serious infections may lead to an abscess or cellulitis.
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Content Providers(s):CDC/ Dr. Lucille K. Georg
Creation Date:1972
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Links:CDC - Division of Foodborne, Bacterial, and Mycotic Diseases, National Center for Zoonotic, Vector-Borne, and Enteric Diseases; Dermatophytes: Ringworm Dermatophytes (Ringworm)
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