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This photograph, made available by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), depicts a close view of a dermatology patient’s skin, revealing the presence of a darkly-pigmented, raised plaque, which was situated adjacent to a raised, smooth red-colored nodule. The plaque was found to represent the radial growth phase of a superficial spreading melanomatous lesion, while the nodule represented a pink (amelanotic) nodule of the deeply invasive, vertical growth phase of a malignant melanomatous lesion. Melanomas diagnosed at this stage have a poor prognosis, and many of these patients develop metastatic disease. In the majority of instances, the plaque stage of melanoma is present for a sufficient period of time to permit its diagnosis and removal, before it progresses to a more advanced, and more difficult to treat, stage. Use of this image requires acknowledgement that NCI is the image source, as well as the inclusion of the website,
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