ID#: 18330
This photograph depicts three nutrition test tube slant cultures, which had been inoculated with Trichophyton verrucosum fungal organisms, in order to see if the addition of thiamine (vitamin B1), had any impact upon the growth rate of these colonies. In this case, the breakdown of the constituents in each growth medium sample were as follows:

- Tube #1 - Only casein = No Growth

- Tube #2 – Casein + Thiamine = No Growth

- Tube #3 – Casein + Thiamine + Inositol = 4+ Growth

Results reveal a stimulation in growth in this particular strain, when inositol was added to the growth medium. All T. verrucosum require thiamine, but approximately 80% require thiamine and inositol.

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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Dr. Lucille K. Georg
Creation Date: 1972
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CDC Organization
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