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This was one of the posters that had been commissioned by the United States government, in order to spread the word to its servicemen that interacting with prostitutes in an intimate manner could put one in harm’s way for acquiring a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The poster’s title, which overlays a capital “V” says, “For Victory over VENEREAL”. Its subtext reads, “Penicillin cures GONORRHEA, (The Great Crippler and Sterilizer) in four hours!”, followed by “SEE YOUR DOCTOR TODAY! He now has penicillin for your treatment. The drug is provided FREE for the next 45-days by your… STATE AND CITY HEALTH DEPARTMENTS”. Posters like this one, were a tried and true method for the dissemination of information, not only with regards to STDs, but vaccinations, recommended hygiene practices, and the avoidance of foodborne illnesses, as well.
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