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From 1975, this image depicted a surgeon, as he was about to enter a surgical suite in order to participate in a surgical procedure under sterile conditions. He has just finished scrubbing, which means that he had washed his hands and forearms to the point of being free of microorganisms, thereby, reducing the possibility of introducing contaminants into the operative suite. He is wearing a loose-fitting shirt and pants, known as scrubs, as well as a head-cover, and breathing mask, all worn in order to protect both the patient, and himself from possible pathogenic contamination. All of these items of clothing are known as personal protective equipment, or PPE, and must be worn in order to maintain a sterile operative environment. Once inside the operating room, or O.R., the physician will be fitted with disposable gloves, as well as a surgical robe, both of which will be fitted with assistance provided by the sterile-clad nursing staff inside.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ T. Grace Emori, RN, MS
Creation Date: 1975
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CDC Organization
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