ID#: 17413
This historic 1977 photograph depicted a laboratory technician, who was in the process of performing a parasitological exam on a fresh, unpreserved sample of fecal material. At this point in the process, feces was being applied to a glass slide, using a long thin wooden probe that had been dipped into the sample, which was contained in a cylindrical cardboard specimen container. A small bottle containing Schaudinn’s fixative was also present in the field, which is a solution of mercuric chloride, sodium chloride, alcohol, and glacial acetic acid, used when performing a cytologic microscopic examination on wet specimen smears. Modern day protocols call for laboratory workers, performing tasks inside the laboratory environment, to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment, including disposable latex gloves.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Dr. Mae Melvin
Creation Date: 1977
Photo Credit:
CDC Organization
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