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This is the twenty-second in a series of images, PHIL 16989 through 17013, depicting a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Public Health Library and Information Center (PHLIC) exhibit entitled, Bringing the World Home: CDC’s Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) Celebrate Peace Corps Week 02/23/14 – 03/01/14. Contained in this case, was a pair of size-39 shoes, crafted in Meckhe, a small commune in the country of Senegal, by a local leather worker. Their laces tie high up on the wearer’s legs. These shoes were set atop a woman’s garment known as a boubou, which was made in the Senegal city of Thiès, and is a locally worn dress. The items were donated by RPCV, Lisa Angel, which she had acquired during her Peace Corps Volunteer tour through Senegal from 2006–2008.
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The exhibit was supported by the proposed CDC/ATSDR Peace Corps Work Group, and was designed to support the Third Goal of the Peace Corps, which strives to bring the culture of countries served back home to the United States. If you are a RPCV or Staff, and would like to be added to the CDC/ATSDR Peace Corps Work Group (proposed), please send an email to
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Content Providers(s): CDC/ Lisa Angel; Victoria Burchfield, MLIS
Creation Date: 2014
Photo Credit: Victoria Burchfield, MLIS
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