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This photograph depicts the male genitalia from a left anterior-oblique view, revealing a swelling of the glans penis shrouded in its foreskin. In this individual’s case, the edema was due to a thrombosis of the patient’s penile dorsal vein, also known as Mondor’s disease, or superficial thrombophlebitis of the dorsal vein of the penis. In cases like this, by palpating the dorsal surface of the penis, a diagnostician can detect an indurated, or firm, rope-like cord indicative of a thrombotic event taking place within the dorsal vein, and at times, can be found to extend into the suprapubic region. Pain will be a complaint from the patient, described as either constant, or sporadic. Causes include traumatic involvement of the penis, prolonged sexual activity, and abuse of certain intravenous drugs.
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Creation Date: 1974
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CDC Organization
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