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This image depicts a lateral view of two Marisa snails, Marisa cornuarietis from Puerto Rico, one large and one small, side by side, beneath which a paper clip had been placed in order to provide a size reference. More commonly known as the giant ramshorn snail, or Colombian ramshorn snail, this freshwater gastropod is used as a biological control agent, controlling the growth and spread of Biomphalaria spp. snails, which are infected by free swimming Schistosoma larvae. Inside the infected host Biomphalaria snails, the parasite develops into miracidia, which then penetrate the skin of human beings swimming in affected waters, parasitizing the human host, thereby, causing the parasitic disease schistosomiasis.
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Content Providers(s): CDC/ Dr. G.H. Connell
Creation Date: 1962
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CDC Organization
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