ID#: 16171
Caption: This dorsal view of this patient’s right and left hands, revealed symptoms of what was thought to be a possible bluetongue virus (BT) infection, revealing areas of acute inflammation, swelling, and drainage of bloody, serosanguineous fluid. See PHIL 16169, for a view of this patient's hand in the later stage of this infection. Bluetongue disease is a viral infection caused by an Orbivirus known as the bluetongue virus (BTV). It primarily affects ruminant animals, including cattle and sheep. It only rarely infects human beings. An arbovirus, BTV is spread through the bite of Culicoides spp. biting midges, which are small robust insects possessing piercing and sucking mouth parts, belonging to the family of flies, Ceratopogonidae.
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Content Providers(s): CDC/ Dr. K.A. Bell
Creation Date: 1970
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CDC Organization
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