ID#: 15854
This image depicts a clear, colorless vial that had been turned on its side, thereby, spilling its contents of pine seeds atop a red cloth-covered surface. These pine seeds were a part of a 1970 investigation into their possible contamination with a fungicide, methylmercury dicyandiamide, which were fed to hogs owned by a family who had subsequently butchered and ate one of the hogs. Family members including those who had remained well, and those who had fallen ill, as well as the remaining pork, and seed grain, were tested by what was at the time, the Atlanta Toxicology Laboratory of the Food and Drug Administration. All people tested, and all items analyzed, were found to contain abnormally high levels of mercury, which lead to the diagnosis of organic mercury poisoning.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Dr. William Likosky
Creation Date: 1970
Photo Credit:
CDC Organization
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