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This is a Dangerous Goods shipping box, used when shipping biohazardous materials, and depicts a UN/4G/Class, 6.2 box, used to contain the cylinder seen on the right. Note the diamond-shaped label beside the box, which is a typical biohazard-shipping label that must be placed on the outside of the box, prior to shipping, as well as the directional arrows on the box, stating the orientation of the infectious substance within the box. The cautionary label displays the universal symbol for Biohazardous Material, and states that the contents includes an Infectious Substance, as well as a directive stating, “In Case of Damage or Leakage Immediately Notify Public Health Authority”, and provides a phone number to the Dir. of the Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia. Also note the number 6 on the label, which represents the classification of the contents, or Class 6: Toxic and Infectious Substances, hence the use of this Class 6.2 box.
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Creation Date: 2013
Photo Credit: Debora Cartagena
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