ID#: 14906
This photograph depicted a single, 15ml conical based centrifuge tube, standing upright in a test tube rack, which contained an amniotic fluid cell culture that had been centrifuged, producing a cell pellet resting at the bottom tip of the tube. Prior to centrifugation, the appearance of the freshly draw amniotic fluid, which was extracted by way of amniocentesis, was visually inspected, noting whether or not blood was present, i.e., brownish coloration. After having been centrifuged, the cell pellet’s height was measured, extracted, and cultured, thereby, producing cell clones, which would then be subjected to a prenatal cytogenetic analysis. Chromosomal analysis is an integral part of the cell clone cytogenetic analysis, which can provide a preview to possible future developmental aberrations affecting a developing fetus.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Dr. Andrew Chen
Creation Date: 1977
Photo Credit:
CDC Organization
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