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Description:This image depicts two young men on a volleyball court, who were playing a casual one-on-one game. The man at right, wearing a bright blue shirt, was captured as he was about to spike the ball over the net, while the man at left, wearing his darkly-colored top, was setting up, getting ready to defend the oncoming speeding ball. Being that this was an outdoor game, sunscreen had been applied to their sun-exposed skin. Hopefully, they’d packed, or had access to some drinking water, which would keep them hydrated in the heat.
“Be sure to wear knee and elbow pads when you're playing on a hard court to protect you when you dive for the ball. When you go up for the ball, try landing on the balls of your feet with your knees bent and your hips lowered a little. Also, warm up and stretch before you play, and take off any jewelry.”

“Communicate with your teammates while you're playing to keep from running into each other. Make sure everyone on the team knows to "call" the ball by saying "got it" or "mine" if they plan to go for it.”

“If you're playing outside, find a soft court made of sand or grass, and clean up any sharp objects that you see. Be sure that there aren't any trees or basketball hoops in your way. And, wear sunscreen and always drink plenty of water. If you're playing inside, the court should be made of wood.”

“If your volleyball net is held up by wires, make sure they are covered with soft materials. That way you won't get hurt if you accidentally jump or run into the net.”

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Content Providers(s):CDC/ Amanda Mills
Creation Date:2011
Photo Credit:Amanda Mills
Links:CDC – Body and Mind (BAM): Volleyball Activity Card
CDC - National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity; Physical Activity for Everyone: How much physical activity do adults need?
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