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Description:This image depicts a female clinician dressed in scrubs using a stethoscope she’d placed upon the upper left anterior chest in order to perform a thoracic auscultation upon an female patient in a clinical setting.
The stethoscope enables the physician to hear sounds within a patient’s body, in this case, her chest including breath sounds produced as air enters and exits the lungs, and heart, or cardiac sounds produced as the heart beats, forcing blood through the heart and blood vessels. The trained ear of the healthcare professional enables her to distinguish between what one would hear under normal circumstances, and what might be heard under abnormal circumstances, possibly involving pathologic processes including heart valve abnormalities, abnormal heart rhythms, i.e., arrhythmias, and excessive fluid within the lungs, as might be found in the case of pneumonia, or bronchitis.
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Content Providers(s):CDC/ Amanda Mills
Creation Date:2011
Photo Credit:Amanda Mills
Links:CDC - Nat. Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Div. for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention: High Blood Pressure
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