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From a dorsomedial view of a patient’s left hand, this image reveals the presence of a cutaneous precursor lesion on the medial little finger, which is also known as a dysplastic nevus (DN). Note the lesion’s highly irregular border, as well as its variable coloration. See PHIL 13439, for another view of this lesion.
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Dysplastic nevi are characterized by the following criteria:

- May be familial or sporadic

- Sporadic DN occur in 5 – 10% of the population

- 90% of malignant melanoma (MM) are diagnosed with sporadic MM, and approximately 40% of this subset,
   also have clinical DN

- Approximately 20% of sporadic MM arise in a DN, which is the most important precursor of MM

- DN Syndrome is defined as displaying clinically-atypical nevi along with two or more family members with
   MM; DN Syndrome leads to a greater than 50% risk of developing MM

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