ID#: 12810
From the “Illustrated Manual for the Recognition and Diagnosis of Certain Animal Diseases”, published in 1982, by the Mexico-United States Commission for the Prevention of Foot and Mouth Disease, captured during a swine's necropsy, this photograph compares the pathologic appearance of a spleen from a pig with an acute case of African swine fever (ASF) (top), to the spleen of a healthy, normal pig. Note that the enlarged spleen, known as splenomegaly, appears twice as large as the normal spleen, and is friable, i.e., easily fragmented or torn apart, and in this state, is sometimes referred to as a blackberry jam spleen.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Dr. Jerry J. Callis, PIADC/Dr. Brian W.J. Mahy, CDC
Creation Date: 1982
Photo Credit:
CDC Organization
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