ID#: 12568
This 1964 image depicted an intraoral view of a 15-year-old Tehrani boy, who was being treated for what was diagnosed as juvenile myxedema. This image was captured after he had been treated with thyroid extract for his condition. Myxedema is a disease involving pathologic changes in the characteristics of one's skin, including edema and thickening of the skin, drying, and a generalized diminishment in the patient’s mental acuity, and physical activity. This boy was admitted with symptoms, which included gingival hemorrhage, swollen, protruding lips, brittle hair, and mental retardation. See PHIL 12564, for a full frontal view of this patient’s facial appearance prior to treatment with thyroid extract, and 12565, 12566, and 12567 for views of this young man’s face, and oral cavity, which had also been taken, prior to any therapeutic intervention.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Dr. J. Lieberman; Dr. Freideen Farzin, Univ. of Tehran
Creation Date: 1964
Photo Credit:
CDC Organization
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