ID#: 12188
This 1965 image depicted a close medial view of an 11-year-old African-American male’s right thigh and leg, who had presented with a 6-year history of generalized lichen planus (LP) eruptions. The lesions were well circumscribed, 1.0cm–3.0cm in diameter, as well as pruritic. See PHIL 12187, for a view of this region, as well as the entire leg. Also, see PHIL 12185 and 12186, for a view of the back of this patient demonstrating the Koebner phenomenon, which is the spread of the LP lesions along areas of trauma, including scratches on the skin. Lichen planus is a skin disease characterized by an eruption of wide flat papules covered by a horny glazed film, marked by intense itching, and often accompanied by lesions on the oral mucosa. The cause of LP is not known, but many dermatologists feel that it may be an autoimmune disorder.
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Content Provider(s): CDC/ Wallace N. McLeod, M.D.; Bob Craig
Creation Date: 1965
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CDC Organization
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