ID#: 11636
This is a scanning electron microscopic (SEM) image of an in vitro Giardia lamblia culture, which had been cultivated in bile-free TYI-S-33 medium for 48hrs, then incubated 24hrs with 10mg/ml bovine bile in order to stimulate cyst formation. This photograph contains both trophozoites, and a cluster of maturing cysts (bottom right). At far left, the two trophozoite-staged organisms are positionally situated opposite to one another, with the farthest left G. lamblia displaying its dorsal, or upper surface, and the protozoan to its immediate right, its ventral, or bottom surface.
High Resolution: Click here for hi-resolution image (6.21 MB)
Content Providers(s): CDC/ Dr. Stan Erlandsen
Creation Date: 1999
Photo Credit: Dr. Stan Erlandsen
CDC Organization
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