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Description:Magnified 500X, this photomicrograph of an unstained, formalin-preserved stool specimen mount, revealed the presence of a Trichuris vulpis nematode egg. T. vulpis is a “whipworm” that is common to dogs.

Adult worms are 30 – 50nm in length, and as parasites, reside in the ceceum, a region of the large intestine where it is joined by the small intestine or ileum. This specie of whipworm, though common to canines, has been found in the human digestive tract.
The eggs of the canine whipworm T. vulpis, closely resemble those of the human whipworm T. trichiura, however, the T. vulpis ova are nearly twice that of its relative T. trichiura. Canine infection is diagnosed through a fecal examination, and the discovery of the ova, as was the case here.

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Content Providers(s):CDC/ Dr. Mae Melvin
Creation Date:1973
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Links:CDC – Div. of Parasitic Diseases, DPDx; Trichuriasis
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